Helium recovery system

Система восстановления гелияCompanies that use large amounts of helium can be significant savings using helium recovery system. Settings allow you to save up to 98% helium, emitted after the working cycle.

The installation contains a built-in filtration system, and a system of measuring the concentration of helium, which ensures reliable results and subsequent recovery check for leaks using helium accumulation.

These systems may be used in conjunction with automated systems check tightness in industrial applications where helium is used for leak detection in manufactured and assembled components.

They can also be used with other control systems tightness and other applications in which helium can be recovered for reuse or recycling.

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Helium mixture filling system

Устройство подготовки газовой смесиAutomatic machine for filling products with a mixture of gases certain concentration.

The main function of this device - filled helium-air mixture, the product that must be tested for leaks. The device also has additional features, such as the mixing of gases and control of tightness manometric method.

This setting is used for the preparation of helium-air mixture in place of tests using helium mass spectrometer leak detectors.

Automatic system functions:

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Preassure leak detector S9

Течеискатель манометрический и вакуумметрическийAutomatic leak detector to monitor the integrity of products capable of measuring the total leakage to 10-4 Pa.m3/s and above.

The leak detector is provided with two types of sensors such as pressure and gas flow. Vacuum leak detector system is designed so that it is possible to realize the manometer, vacuum control methods integrity and leak detection for gas flow measurement.

Leak testing on the pressure rise or fall 

Pressure and vacuum methods are used to determine the total leakage. Pressure is suitable for closed structures, which can be pressurized above atmospheric pressure. Vacuum - for closed structures, which can create a vacuum.

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Helium blowing kit

Обдуватель для течеискания ВактронThe kit is designed for helium blowing  of the controlled object.

Kit is checked for the absence of leakage on helium within the sensitivity of the mass spectrometer leak detector.

The kit includes:

  • Ergonomic and lightweight gun with a long tip;
  • Sealed on helium twisted hose helium;
  • Gearbox for a flow of helium from the helium source;
  • Sturdy carrying case for storage and transportation wiper kit;
  • The connectors wiper to the gas cylinder or a system.
 КОМПЛЕКТ ДЛЯ ТЕЧЕИСКАНИЯ (методом обдува) №2

Set №2, including:

- Thick-walled cylinder

- Volume - 0.45 L

- Working pressure - 250 atm

- Cylinder valve M18-1,5xG 5/8 - without pressure gauge.

- Reducer He G3 / 4 x M16-1,5 transition to the quick push-in connection (or equivalent with union nut) on the tube d6 mm

- Pneumatic Tube - 2 m

- Gun blower with a manual flow control valve (tube connection to the quick push-in connection (or equivalent with union nut) for 6 mm tube


КОМПЛЕКТ ДЛЯ ТЕЧЕИСКАНИЯ (методом обдува) №3

Set №3, including:

- Thick-walled cylinder

- Volume - 0.45 L

- Limit the working pressure - 250 atm

- Cylinder valve M18-1,5xG 5/8 - with pressure gauge.

- Reducer He G3 / 4 x M16-1,5 transition to the quick push-in connection (or equivalent with union nut) on the tube d6 mm

- Pneumatic Tube - 2 m

- Gun blower with a manual flow control valve (tube connection to the quick push-in connection (or equivalent with union nut) for 6 mm tube



Leak detection kit №2 for blowing the test object for leaks.

Set comes with a wiper mounted on the valve and pipe blowing gun. Type of connection tube to the valve and the gun - a straight or a straight collet with union nut.

To get started the test object must be pre-evacuated by the vacuum system and connected to the leak detector. The intensity of the flow is adjusted by the user by means of the flywheel gear and the throttle trigger gun pistol. In case of using these adjustment can not be achieved over a small jet of helium to blow, you need to pick up an additional tip on the gun with a small excess bandwidth.

To prepare a set of wiper to work:

- Fill the balloon with helium. Maximum operating pressure is 250 bar. The amount of helium in the cylinder is determined by the planned expenditures of the test gas used for blowing.

- Connect the gearbox to the helium valve, pre-set the seal or polyamide (21.4 x 10 x 1.8 mm). Tighten the union nut on the adapter valve. Recommended tightening torque of 25 Nm.

- Open the valve, make sure the pressure gauge on the pressure reducer in the presence of gas in the tank.

- Screwing the flywheel gear, set the desired flow of helium. Typically for tasks do not require leak detection helium pressure after 1.2-2 bar higher gear.

- Using the gun trigger to ensure the presence of helium flow at the outlet gun. If necessary, adjust the flow via the throttle by turning the adjusting bolt.

- A set is ready to use.

Upon completion of work, close the valve on the tank.

Implementation of the helium spray method

The product, subjected to control, is connected to the leak detector, is evacuated to a vacuum pressure, which allows to fully open the inlet valve of leak detector, whereupon the outer surface product in blown by stream of helium. In the presence of a leak in the product, helium falls into its cavity and can be indicated by leak detector.

Monitoring should be conducted as follows:

  • prepared product is evacuated to a pressure of 7 - 8 Pa [(5-6)•10-2 mm Hg.];
  • blowing helium held the outer surface of the product.
  • Gasflow should begin with places auxiliary pumping system is connected to the leak detector; then blown by the product itself, starting from the upper portions thereof with a gradual transition to the bottom;
  • the first stage of the test is recommended to install a jet of helium covering at once blowing a large area. Upon detection of leaks to reduce the stream of helium so that it is slightly felt, and accurately determine the location of a through defect.
  • speed of the spray gas on the test surface is 0.10-0.15 m/min; under the control of a large volume of products and the length should be, given the time lag signal, reduce the rate of gas flow;
  • the presence of large through defects and the inability to achieve the desired vacuum in the product to fully open the inlet valve leak detector when the system is off the auxiliary pumping through defects to look for when the system is an auxiliary pump. Following the discovery of large through defects and their elimination is carried out re-inspection in order to find flaws with a small quantity of leakage.

The method may be used to purge control unclosed structural elements.

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Течеискатель фреонов галогенныйHalogen leak detector

Portable Halogen leak detector provides accurate registration flow halogen up to 0.5 grams per year (0.017 ounces per year). The leak detector has a mass of 0.32 kg and is capable of operating from internal battery up to 10 hours.

Due to the minimum dimensions of the channel gas motion, the device provides the response time to the gas stream is less than 0.1 seconds and recovery time flow measurement - less than 1 s. The device does not need time to prepare for the measurements, it is ready for the leak detection immediately after switching on.

* The leak detector can be configured to find any gas.

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