Вакуумный клапан

Vacuum valves

Valves for vacuum systems are available in stock.

To build vacuum systems company Vactron supplies vacuum valves in various designs.

  • The vacuum valves with manual transmission
  • The vacuum valves electromagnetic actuated
  • The vacuum valves with electro-mechanical drive

Types of vacuum valves, offered by the company LLC "Vactron":


  • Valves microflow
  • Standard angle or straight valves: DN16, DN25, DN50 flange ISO-KF
  • Valves with high conductivity angular DN63, DN100, DN150, DN200, DN250 flange ISO-K
  • Closures conditional diameter DN16, DN25, DN40, DN50, DN63, DN100, DN150, DN200, DN250
  • The valves of the normalized overlap


High vacuum valves, offered by the company Vactron, are divided into the following models:

Angle valve, aluminium - light weight, low flow degassing and leakage Алюминиевый вакуумный клапан 
Angle valve, aluminium for quick connection  Быстросъемный вакуумный клапан
Straight or angle valve, stainless steel - precision
 Вакуумный клапан из нержавеющей стали
Normally closed vacuum solenoid valve for minimum pressure 1×10-6 Pa 
 Электромагнитный вакуумный клапан

The pressure relief valve

 Клапан сброса давления
Slit shutter is suitable for gateways to install objects in a vacuum chamber, for example, in semiconductor production.
Затвор вакуумный

Чистка клапанов

Call or leave a request in writing, and Vactron specialists will pick up the vacuum valves for vacuum systems of your company or laboratory.

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