Камера вакуумная

Vacuum chambers development

Vactron company ready to develop the following systems:

- Vacuum chambers of different volumes 
- Pumping system and maintain a high vacuum 
- Automatic control system leak 
- Supply system and control the working gases for industrial processes 
- The quality assurance system and rejection of faulty products

We can design and fabricate the vacuum chamber and the preassure camber of high quality stainless steel. The vacuum chamber is a rigid body, in which air and other gases are removed with a vacuum pump . The camera is supported by low pressure, which often require researchers to test various products for physics experiments or to check the mechanical devices that need to work in outer space, or for processes such as vacuum drying or vacuum deposition.

Mass spectrometry leak detection involves the use of a vacuum chamber for a highly sensitive test object for leaks. The cameras have several vacuum flanges (KF / ISO) and ports to install facilities and windows to observe the processes taking place in a vacuum chamber.

These chambers may be attached to a helium leak detector to implement control tightness of a vacuum chamber.

We can carry out a full range of services for the calculation, design and construction of the vacuum chamber to your problem.

Design of the vacuum chamber begins when the technical specification for the project, which contains the terms and conditions of the process.

  • First, a pre-selection form the casing of the vacuum chamber, starting with the simplest and most rasprostranen¬nyh forms. It should be noted that these criteria can satisfy several types of casings. Selection criteria are: ease of manufacturing, ease of use, especially conjugated forms chambers (for multi-structure), etc. The result of this step is to determine the design of structural elements and the housing flanges.
  • At the second stage, the necessary elements, depending on the operating pressure in the vacuum chamber or controlled atmosphere: flanges pumping systems, test equipment or system affected, and the type of seals used in these compounds.
  • In a third step the elements are selected, which are designed for entry into the vacuum process chamber object and its subsequent withdrawal, whereby the presence is revealed of flanges with additional cameras and lids.
  • Compound are then determined with the devices directly involved in the process (load devices, the rotation transmitting device for spraying and the like).
  • At the fifth stage cooling chamber is constructed (internal or external type).
  • The last step involves analyzing the layout and calculation of elements of the vacuum chamber. The result of this stage can become a task to create design documentation or adjustment of the terms of reference.

форма вакуумных камер

The vacuum chamber consists of the following structural elements: ferrules, cover, bottom, fittings and flanges.

Ferrules (housing) is designed to seal the vacuum chamber workspace allow mounting components. Form defines the overall shape of the shell chamber.

Lid - element of the vacuum chamber is sealed and its volume is connected to the sidewall via detachable elements; form depends on the design of the cover of the vacuum chamber and its destination.

Bottom - the feature that limits the volume of the chamber from the top, bottom or side and integrally connected to the sidewall.

Tubes and flanges are designed to interconnect the internal volume of the vacuum chamber with devices (shutters, traps, pumps , etc.) that are outside of the chamber.Flange - a standard element, design and dimensions are determined by the relevant standards. Socket - a cylindrical or conical part which connects with the vacuum chamber flange. In chamber designs must be not less than 3-4 flanges for attachment of additional devices.

The most widely used in vacuum equipment received cylindrical vacuum chamber.This form is the most advanced in terms of strength, ease of manufacture, the minimum number of welded and brazed joints and material savings. Depending on the technological requirements they have a vertical or horizontal layout. 
Spherical vacuum chambers have all the advantages of cylindrical, but surpass their sustainability; However, the complexity of manufacture limits their widespread use. 
Box-type vacuum chambers are less convenient to manufacture, more metal and require additional stiffening ribs, which are located outside. The advantage of these cameras is the possibility of more efficient equipment arrangement inside the chamber, which is particularly important for implementing various processes (e.g. rolling lines for various metals and alloys, in vacuum).

In the design and manufacture of helium (vacuum) chamber must consider the following requirements:

- To accelerate the pumping chamber shape is recommended that the cylindrical (can be manufactured camera configuration OK);
- It shall be flanged connections for leaks and leaks O space from the construction of the object or process control adapter on the design of a cylinder with helium;
- You can use a vacuum putty for additional sealing welds flanges.

Additional flanges, valves, sight glasses, we manufacture according to customer requirements. You can send technical requirements for vacuum chambers, using information from Contacts or make a request using the form below.

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