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Pumping systems engineering

Features screw vacuum pumps are in excellent agreement with the parameters of mechanical pumps Roots to create high pumping means. Combination screw vacuum pump and Roots can solve almost any problem related to the creation and maintenance of vacuum in the process in the pressure range from 100 mm Hg. to 10 -4 mm Hg.

The pumping capacity range of one post performed using combinations of pumps from 15 000 to 30 000 m3/h. 
The figure on the right - the two-step example of the pumping unit on the basis of mechanical "oil-free" vacuum pumps with the following characteristics: extreme pressure 7,5.10-3 mbar, 7000 m3/h.

An example of a three-stage the pumping unit on the basis of mechanical "oil-free" vacuum pumps with the following characteristics: ultimate vacuum 7,5.10-3 mbar, 30,000 m 3 / h.

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To increase the value of the pumping speed of pumped several stations can be connected in parallel. Thus, the achievable performance will actually limited bandwidth vacuumtube.


Selected combination of vacuum pumps, according to process requirements, performance and depth reached vacuum can also be supplemented with control devices, instrumentation, valves and control valves, filters or heat exchangers.

The illustration contains a schematic diagram of the pumping multistage post with instrumentation and automation.

Architectural and design solutions to deploy pumping systems

To accommodate the pumping fasting often have to deal with various restrictions on dimensions place the equipment in the existing production:

  • Organization pipeline engineering vacuum pumps: supply and drain cooling water purge gas exhaust pipe.
  • Include options associated with the presence / absence of lifting equipment required for installation or removal of equipment.
  • Provide options to ensure easy maintenance and access to equipment, such as visual inspection of the operations level and / or changing the oil and / or placement of instrumentation and automation.

Also for the correct choice of plan, you must take into account existing guidelines and requirements of safety regulations when operating equipment. For example, the requirements for normal planning and operation of technical devices in accordance with PB 11-493-02 regulate the distance between nodes installed in the pump room room with providing passages and approaches of not less than 800 mm.

When engineering exhausts posts, our specialists are ready to discuss and agree with the customer requirements for the placement of piping and pumps, in order to develop an optimal space-planning solutions and further convenient installation of equipment at the facility. 
Structurally, each pump, which is located on its mounting frame. The frame is made of rolled sections using TIG welding. The frame provides adequate rigidity. 
For correct installation of the equipment at the facility, the design provides for installation frames extractors and adjustment screws for attaching the frame to the base (foundation) with pre-installed anchor field.

After the installation of installation to perform additional adjustment and alignment of the provisions of the pump on the frame relative to the horizon, with the help of fixing bolts mounted on the bearing surface of the frame and, if necessary, with the help of metal washers. 
Requirements for horizontal placement of mechanical pumps traditionally high, better than 1 mm per 1 m. Operating experience pumps in various industrial facilities demonstrates the feasibility of compliance with these requirements in order to ensure the normal mode of spraying oil in the crankcase synchronizers and reliable operation of the equipment. 
Vakuumprovod the pumping unit is made of rolled metal and standard pipe elements (angle, cone, tee, etc.). Material of the vacuum tube agreed with the Customer in progress engineering. Welding with elements vakuumprovoda performed argon-arc method. All welds are checked. For the most responsible products quality control of welds performed using x-ray. 
At the end of welding and assembly work, metal frames are sandblasted and staining.




Decoupling pumps are rotary engine, with elements vakuumprovoda apply bellows assemblies, or even called metall compensator. 
Thanks Bellows interchanges rotating parts pumps do not transmit vibrations to the fixed part of the system, which is particularly important when frequency control pumps Roots. Since for any type of rotating machinery may arise resonance in certain narrow range of speeds that are different from the nominal. Also, by means of bellows, it is possible to compensate for possible misalignment and parallelism of the mating flange surfaces of the vacuum system.

Flanged fittings and fasteners for the pumping units fasting selected based on customer requirements and characteristics of the pumping equipment. Most of the Roots pump flanges are manufactured in accordance with GOST 12820-80 (DIN2501) and is designed for nominal pressure PN16 or PN10 flanges and bolting products. It should be noted that in the majority of cases the use of flanges of similar design much heavier weight of the pumping fast. Other widespread standard flange valves for vacuum technology are ISO flanges and fasteners with a claw gripper, according to DIN28404 ISO 1609. The use of these types of flanges and fittings is much more convenient for the installation, as opposed to bolting involves the tightening of connections with one key, but and also greatly facilitates the total weight of the structure.




For example, in a recent work performed, only by changing the type of flange fittings and bolt fasteners, managed to reduce the total weight of 1500 kg vacuumchannel with up to 1000 kg.

Vacuum exhausts posts in container design

If necessary, can accommodate pumps in several levels ("floor by floor").

Сборка вакуумных насосов

For some applications, or the operating conditions of the pumping requires fast execution mobile, with the ability of handling of the object to another, or there is no possibility of capital construction to construction of the pump room. If there is interest, or the above requirements, our company can offer the system in container design. 


Components of such a system takes into account the operation of pumps in a distance from the centralized energy supply, such as cooling water or purging gas. For example:

  • As the cooled liquid refrigerant is permitted to use ethylene glycol circulating in a closed circuit with an external pump.
  • As the purge gas used gas is taken from the exhaust pump, and sent to the purge axial pump seals.

Exhausts posts delivered on a common base frame, with pre-assembled and technological pipelines for supply of the coolant and purge gas, as well as with the necessary instrumentation and automation. Vacuumchannel from the pump to the pump and exhaust is designed to be easy to access and using quick couplings.


Mobile applications, container exhausts posts placed on the bogie frame of the truck and the electricity supply to the pumping can use diesel generators, suitable capacity. 
The system must be equipped with frequency converters. In addition to solving the problem of inrush currents, frequency regulation more flexible and pumping process, increasing / decreasing the performance of vacuum pumps, depending on the process parameters.  The design of the base frame and the relative position of the components discussed in the course of the project. 
For more information we refer you to specialists of the company, using the section contacts on the site.

Examples of implementation of high-performance oil-free pumping systems are shown in the photo.




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