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Leak detection. Leakage detection.

The company's specialists perform leakage detection using helium as the test gas. In the role of instruments to detect helium flow we use portable or mass-spec leak detector.  With it specialist can accurately locate the leak and, if necessary, measure the flow of gas through the leak.

To accurately identify and locate leaks in objects large and small sizes of different materials, including metal, plastic, concrete, apply more than a dozen ways to implement mass spectrometric tightness control. They all boil down to the fact that the object is filled with helium or blown outside or a mixture of helium and air, and on the opposite side of the wall object check availability helium.


In case of a leak, the helium diffuses through hole passes through the defect in the area where the helium concentration is measured increment. To improve the signal of a helium operator judges the degree of tightness of the inspected object.

Search for leaks using helium is the most sensitive way to monitor the integrity and provides the following benefits:

  1. Helium is safe for both the operator and the environment, it is not flammable and explosive;
  2. Helium is available, it is widely used in medicine, research laboratories and industry;
  3. Helium is lighter than air and water, it spreads up even through the layer of soil that allows you to find leaks in underground tanks and communications, not digging them;
  4. Helium - inert gas, non-reactive with the substance in the test system, which allows the control of tightness not delete the working substance of the object.

The industries in which we carry out leak detection:

  • Powerhouse: leak detection in circuit technology channel NPP
  • Aerospace Instrumentation: tightness test fuel systems of aircraft to detect leaks in the upholstery of the spacecraft
  • Heat power: control of the cooling system
  • Oil industry: the search for leaks in underground pipelines and communication lines
  • Science: sealing linear accelerator and gas lasers
  • The semiconductor industry: quality control of sealed units and applying thin film coatings
  • Medicine: check for leaks in the accelerator for radiation therapy

We work quickly and are willing to help in finding a violation of integrity in the event of the operating cycle in your company. Please contact our team to agree to hold leak detection.

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