Preassure leak detector S9

Течеискатель манометрический и вакуумметрическийAutomatic leak detector to monitor the integrity of products capable of measuring the total leakage to 10-4 Pa.m3/s and above.

The leak detector is provided with two types of sensors such as pressure and gas flow. Vacuum leak detector system is designed so that it is possible to realize the manometer, vacuum control methods integrity and leak detection for gas flow measurement.

Leak testing on the pressure rise or fall 

Pressure and vacuum methods are used to determine the total leakage. Pressure is suitable for closed structures, which can be pressurized above atmospheric pressure. Vacuum - for closed structures, which can create a vacuum.

The principle of the leak flow calculation is based on the detection rate of pressure change in the control object.

Система контроля легметичности с манометрическим течеискателмThe device is installed sealed reference volume, separated from the object to be measured is sensitive to pressure differential membrane. Leak detection method for measurement of the differential pressure is that the object and the reference volume filled with gas or is pumped to the same pressure.

If there is a leak in the test object, the pressure balance is disrupted and the membrane separating the volume is deformed. To change the capacitance of the capacitor, which serves as one plate of said membrane is made about the magnitude of the leak in the test object.

Leak testing by measuring the gas flow

The instrument measures the amount of air that penetrates into the object in the event of a leak. Tests are carried out using the gas flow sensor. The instrument is calibrated with a test leak, leak detector installed a dedicated port and an external gas flow meter.

Specifications leak detector S9

Operating pressure range:  

Vacuum: -1 to 0 atm


0.05 to 0.5 bar (low)

0.2 to 5 atm (normal)

0.5 to 10 bar (high) and

1 to 15 atm (ultrahigh)

Advantages of the method:

  • High performance
  • Lack of oil vapors
  • Otsustvie water vapor and the necessity of drying
  • High repeatability
  • Automation to reduce the influence of the human factor


AC Power:   100-240 VAC / 0.9 A 50-60 Hz

Measurement range leak:

max: +/- 500 Pa min: 1 Pa / s

Dimensions: 188 mm x 400 mm x 315 mm

Weight: 16 kg

Class sealing: IP32

Setting the timer: 999.9 s

Color: silver gray (RAL 6021) with a dark green front panel.

Sampling time signal: 100 ms

CE - Certification

Requires a source of clean air under a pressure greater than 5 bar for measurement and control

Designed for industrial use

Ambient temperature

Differential pressure sensor:

- Operating temperature: 5-40 ° C

- Sensitivity: 0.05 Pa

- Storage temperature: -20-60 ° C

- Sensor range: +/- 500 Pa


- The sensor can withstand pressure of 5 MPa

- 80% relative humidity

Resolution: 0.1 Pa

- 80% RH or less, dew condensation without

Display Units

Connection Port: RS232, TCP / IP (optional)

- Test pressure: kPa, MPa

Input-output port: DB-37P connector

- Leak flow: Pa, mm 3/sec, 1/100 ml / min ml / min, l / min


The application of the instrument

The leak detector may be used for all products containing any type of gas or liquid, e.g., water, oil, gas, freon, or glycol.

Automotive: engine unit, clutch, gearbox, intake manifold, exhaust pipe, the exhaust valve, the clutch disc, cylinder head, valve body, all types of bearing housings, cylinder block, a fuel channel, fuel hoses, fuel tanks, radiator brake cylinder, fuel system, power steering, water pump , air ducts.

Система поиска течей автоматическая

Packing: packing seal test: sterile products, ink cartridges and perishable products.Leakage of bacteria can cause a measurement of oxygen and moisture.

Medicine and Pharmaceuticals: Blister, medical bottles, medical jars, bags and bags, etc.

Conditioners: test various components, including various types of valves. Control valves, adjustable valves, ball valves, vacuum valves, hydraulic valves, temperature regulators valves and instruments, thermostats, different types of filters and pipes.

Electronics: Various kinds of electronic components and devices, different types of batteries, different types of towers, cell phones, cases for mobile phones, antennas, cell phones, panic buttons, amplifiers, telephones, optical sensors, electric heaters, razors, etc.

Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment: Various kinds of hydraulic and pneumatic components, valves, hydraulic motors, cylinders, all types of pipes and pipe couplings, various types of mixers, outboard drives, compressors, pressure vessels, tanks of gas cylinders, as well as various types of connectors.

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