Sniffer probe for helium leak detector

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FlexyProbe ™: Monolythical Ultraflexible Pencil Sniffer

FlexyProbe probe is compatible with all mass-spectrometric leak detectors. Can be set to:

  • Izmeritel Helium Leak Detectors: TI1-50, TI1-30, TI1-22, PTI, STI models
  • Pfeiffer Helium Leak Detectors: HLT 260, HLT 265, HLT 270, HLT 275
  • Alcatel Helium Leak Detectors: ASM 142, ASM 142S, ASM 142D, ASM 122D, DGC 1001, ASI 20MD, ASM 180, ASM 180T, ASM 181, ASM 181T, ASM 182TD+, ASM 182T, ASM 192 T2D+, ASM 192T ASM 192T2, SIMS 1282+, ASM 102S, ASM 310
  • Agilent Varian Helium Leak Detectors: 979, 979D, 959, 959D, 947, 947D, 948, 960, 960D, VS PR02
  • Leybold Helium Leak Detectors: PHOENIXL 300, L200, L200 Dry
  • Edwards Helium Leak Detectors: Spectron 600T, Spectron 600D, Spectron 600DS, Spectron 300E, Spectron 5000S, Spectron 5000X, Spectron 5000E-NL, Spectron 5000S-SF
  • VEECO/VIC Helium Leak Detectors: MS-40 Veeco, MS-40 Dry, Veeco MS-50, MD-490S
  • Ulvac Helium Leak Detectors: Heliot 101, Heliot 102, Heliot 103, Heliot 701 W1, Heliot 701 D1, Heliot 702, Heliot 704, Heliot 706, Heliot 708, Heliot 710, Heliot 900
  • Shimadzu Helium Leak Detectors: MSE-1001, MSE-4000, MSE-5000, MSE-3000, MSE-2000R
  • Kuku Helium Leak Detectors: ZQJ-230, ZQJ-230D, ZQJ-230E, ZQJ-220, ZQJ-291, ZQJ-240


  1. Easy access to the most obscure areas due to the ultimate flexibility.
  2. Carefully optimized internal pathway facilitates the fastest response.
  3. Robust design eliminating breaks and leaks even in the most severe industrial applications.
  4. Sophisticated clogging prevention design. Spare filters supplied with the device in abundance.
  5. Ultimate simplicity and low cost of the filter replacement guaranteeing a long term trouble free service.
  6. Replaceable needle type nozzles to pinpoint leaks even in the most hard-to reach places.

Technical specifications


Nominal flow rate (air), sccm ▲


Standard manifold lengths, m ▲▲

2; 5; 10; 15; 20; 25; 30

System coupling ▲▲▲

ISO KF16; ISO KF25; М5

male threaded

Flexible pencil length, mm


Manifold linear volume, cm3/m



▲ Can be ordered to any length up to 35 m.


▲▲ Can be supplied with a specified increased (up to 100 sccm), or decreased (from 0.5 sccm) flow rate.

▲▲▲ Alternative couplings are provided upon request.

Desing highlights

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The sniffer probe is set up of a flexible pencil-style casing equipped with a hermetically barb-latched metallic cup. Filtering discs are retained within the cup internal boring. The number of filter elements fitted is subject to the operating conditions (cleanliness of the working environment/objects) and normally can vary from 1 (clean environment) to 3 (contaminated conditions). The factory default of 2 filter discs guarantees a reliable protection in most cases.

To replace the filter: unclick the cup off the casing applying a combined axial and rotational force by hand. The reverse assembly upon the filter replacement is facilitated in the same manner by rotating and pushing the cup onto the casing barb until it gets latched.

The ceramic-metal restrictor setting a specified sniffer probe flow rate is hermetically molded inside the casing. The sniffer head is connected to the leak detector coupling by the specified length of plastic tubing. The tubing and coupling element joint is user dismountable, providing for the manifold length trimming adjustment if needed.

The tubing may be pulled out of gland whenever the gland's ferrule is depressed. Once the length is trimmed, the tube may be tightly pushed back into the gland's aperture till the travel limit.

It is advisable to put a special needle type nozzle over the tapered sniffer cup end, in case a restricted space precision leak pinpointing is needed (medical syringe needles of various sizes are applicable as well). Alternatively, elastic cup (ordered separately) may be used to broaden the tracing footprint.

Scope of delivery

The standard sniffer probe set is delivered in a factory package as follows:

Probe with coupling

1 pcs.

Pinpoint needle (plastic cap protected)

1 pcs.

Spare filter disks

10 pcs.

Щуп мотолок для течеискателя Измеритель

Specific delivery set and technical specifications of each device are detailed on the package tag.

Extra filter disks as well as elastic cups and other spares can be supplied upon request.

Cost and production time

Probes are available in stock. Producing leak detector probe for custom pumping system takes two weeks.

To ensure continuity of measurements in the case of obstruction it is recommended to order a set of two probes.

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