Helium recovery system

Система восстановления гелияCompanies that use large amounts of helium can be significant savings using helium recovery system. Settings allow you to save up to 98% helium, emitted after the working cycle.

The installation contains a built-in filtration system, and a system of measuring the concentration of helium, which ensures reliable results and subsequent recovery check for leaks using helium accumulation.

These systems may be used in conjunction with automated systems check tightness in industrial applications where helium is used for leak detection in manufactured and assembled components.

They can also be used with other control systems tightness and other applications in which helium can be recovered for reuse or recycling.

Helium recovery system is a unique product that reduces production costs and a positive effect on the environment.

Helium recovery system collects the part of the test, is pumped into the low pressure reservoir.

Система рекуперации гелияHelium then passes through the compressor and stored in high pressure cylinders, which allows helium-filled new products.

Depending on the type of testing performed on the tightness can be recovered and reused up to 98% helium.

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