Helium mass spectrometer leak detector overview

 гелиевый масс-спектрометрический течеискатель Гелиот Вактрон

Vactron company represents Heliot helium mass spectrometer leak detector and provides services and maintenance training.

Heliot is a universal modern leak detector designed to implement all methods of mass spectrometry leak test in accordance with european standarts.

Key features of mass spectrometric leak detector

1) High pumping performance. The effective test port pumping speed is 5 l/s for helium. 
2) Tablet PC for wireless control and signal display is included in the standard package. 
3) Intuitive operation control via the high-resolution screen with fade resistance. 
4) Installation of oil-free scroll or oil rotary vane pumps of various speeds, according to customer requirements. 
5) Transport trolley to move the leak detector with a pump in the operating room. 
6) A simple periodic maintenance of the leak detector, which can be performed by employees of the enterprise after maintenance training. 
7) The device is economical to use. Consumables and spare parts always in stock. 
8) Hydrogen, as helium, can be used as the test gas. 

Application area:

  • verification of any industrial objects (vacuum chambers, tanks, pipes, valves, etc.), including processes with high and non-stable level of He-background
  • high-threading test of sealed products (seals, valves, housings of electronic devices, microelectronics)
  • integration into automatic lines with centralized management
  • solution of research tasks requiring non-standard algorithms for working with vacuum.
Helium mass spectrometer leak detector overview  гелиевый масс-спектрометрический течеискатель Гелиот Вактрон купить

The main unit of the leak detector is mass spectrometry analyzer. Its structure comprises two filaments, allowing not to interrupt the leak detection process when one of the cathodes is burn out.

The leak detector has a large remote display on the tablet PC, which has a graph measuring the value of the leak and process parameters. The leak detector has a high-vacuum system and can be used for pumping small objects. It can be easily disassembled for periodic maintenance.

Instead the oil pump leak detector can be equipped with a dry scroll pump. This is especially important for the cleanroom. The device is installed on a special trolley, which allows convenient transportation within the factory.

Specifications of the helium mass spectrometer leak detector

Model of the leak detector

901W1 or 901D2

904W2 or 904D3

Installing backing pump

In the case

On the transport trolley

Test gas

Helium or hydrogen

The minimum reliably detectable helium flow

5.10-13 Pa.m3/s or 5.10-12 mbal.l/s or 3,75.10-9 l.micron Hd./s

Operating range of leaks in different modes


Small leaks

1.10-14 Pa.m3/s ~ 1.10-.m3/s

Average leak

1.10-12 .m3/s ~ 1.10-5 .m3/s

Large leak

1.10-8 .m3/s ~ 1.10-3 .m3/s


Average leak

1.10-10 .m3/s ~ 1.10-5 .m3/s

The effective object pumping speed for helium

Small leaks

5 l/s

Average leak

1 l/s

Maximum pressure in the controlled product

Small leaks

2 Pa or 10-2 torr

Average leak

100 Pa or 1 mm Hg. Art.

Large leak

1200 Pa or 10 torr

The rate of pumping high-vacuum pump

31 l/s (turbomolecular oilfree pump)

The type and backing pump speed (50 Hz)

Rotary vane oil pump

30 l/min or 1.8 m3/h

Oil-free scroll pump

90 l/min or 5.4 m3/h

Rotary vane oil pump

135 l/min or 8.1 m3/h

Oil-free scroll pump

250 l/min or 15 m3/h


33 kg

37 kg

77 kg

74 kg

Power consumption

600 W

500 W

1100 W

650 W

Supply voltage range

200-240 or 100-120

The input port to connect the product

NW25 (ISO)

On Time

less than 2 minutes

Data interfaces

RS232C, RS485, analog DC, digital I/O.


Tablet PC with 7-inch (standard Wireless: IEEE802.11 b/g/h)


Distance Control


Cable length: 2 meters or 5 meters (on request)


within a radius of 40 meters

Tablet battery lifetime

8 hours


CE, IP30

Operating temperature range

10-40 °C (non-condensing)


Течеискатель гелиевый размеры Течеискатель гелиевый масс-спектрометрический размеры

Течеискатель гелиевый Гелиот купить

The leak detector may be shiped with oil-free screw or a scroll pump, depending on the required pump performance. High vacuum pumps in all configurations is a modern turbo-molecular pump with magnetic bearing. Heliot leak detector is a vacuum system comprising, when viewed simplistically, mass spectrometric analyzer, two pumps: backing and high vacuum, valves, control electronics and display unit.

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