Helium mixture filling system

Устройство подготовки газовой смесиAutomatic machine for filling products with a mixture of gases certain concentration.

The main function of this device - filled helium-air mixture, the product that must be tested for leaks. The device also has additional features, such as the mixing of gases and control of tightness manometric method.

This setting is used for the preparation of helium-air mixture in place of tests using helium mass spectrometer leak detectors.

Automatic system functions:

• Leak test by the fall of overpressure

• Test for resistance to elevated pressure

• Leak test the rise of pressure in the vacuum

• Pumping with a vacuum pump

• Change the measurement object, filling to atmospheric pressure

• Filling and mixing helium gas mixtures

Recovery of helium

• Control via PC and system integration

The illustrations show the installation for filling a gas mixture in a complete set (Figure above) and lite version with a narrower functionality (see Figure below).

Technical characteristics

Test pressure

Adjustable: up to 16 bar / 235 PSI (abs)

Leak detection by pressure drop

Resolution: 1 mbar

Pumping function

Adjustable vacuum level depends on the type of pump

Leak detection from the increase in pressure in the vacuum

Resolution: 1 mbar

Filling products helium

Adjustable: up to 16 bar / 235 PSI (abs)

Automatic mixing of gases

Selection of 1% to 99% helium concentration (depending on the volume level of the provisional evacuation and pressure)

Display panel

Color touch screen (6 "x 4")

Requirement for compressed air line

6 bar / 87 PSI (min.)

The connectors cylinder air, nitrogen and helium

¼ "NPT

Communication interface

RS232 and Ethernet


13 kg or 5.9 kg (Lite version)



Mains power

100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1.2 Amps

Features of the device filling mixture of gases

gas mix system1. An object, which is checked for leaks with penetrating gas such as helium or hydrogen, to be properly and uniformly filled with said gas or gas mixture.

2. The system checks the gas refueling facility for the presence of a large leak manometer or vacuum method. This is done to prevent the poisoning of highly sensitive leak detector helium in large chunks that, otherwise, greatly increases the leak detector recovery time before the next measurement.

3. Use a vacuum pump filling system with gas vakuummiruet each object before filling with helium. Thus, the concentration of helium in the product always meets the technological instructions and helium fills evenly the entire volume of the test object. This is true even for objects with complex capillary structure and low conductivity of internal channels.

4. To reduce the impact of human factors on the accuracy and repeatability of the measurements, the instrument can be locked during the test, the pressure and the concentration of helium. In this case, even when changing the type of the object gas filling is carried out correctly.

5.Test using 100% helium obtained excessively expensive. Device for filling reduces the costs of helium gas through the use of ballast.

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