Maksim Vinogradov

обучение специалистов предприятий эксплуатации средств контроля герметичности

Head of leak detection department


Research interests

  • NDT methods
  • equipment for leak detection
  • mass spectrometry
  • membranes for gas separation
  • gas permeability and degassing


Academic degree

Ph.D. in the field of vacuum technology


Head of Vactron leak detection department

Lecturer at St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University "LETI".


Level II for leak detection according to PB 03-440-02:

  • Leak detecton specialist certificationimplementation and management of tests in accordance with the approved regulations and technical documents;
  • choice of control method;
  • documentation of inspection results;
  • development of technological instructions and control cards;
  • training leak detection specialists of enterprises.

International training

Nolek-Vinogradov-certificationUlvac-Vactron1) Nolek AB, Stockholm, Sweden - course "leak test equipment". Pressure decay, vacuum and electronic leak detectors (2014).

2) Ulvac Gmbh, Munich, Germany - course "Development of automated systems based on mass spectrometry leak detectors. Maintenance"(2015).

Intellectual property

Patent 2 VinogradovPatent Vinogradov1) Patent "Sniffer probe for mass spectrometry leak detectors"

ML Vinogradov, VT Barchenko, YA Bystrov, № RU 148253 U1, 08/2014


2) Patent "Portable helium leak detector"

ML Vinogradov, VT Barchenko, № RU 137377 U1, 02/2014


Vinogradov Maksim28 publications  (list).

Current research: Vinogradov ML et al. Gas Permeation through Vacuum Materials // Vakuum in Forschung und Praxis. - 2015. - V. 27. - №3. - P. 26-29.

Lection courses

1) Refresher course: "Fundamentals of vacuum technology and leak detection"

For specialists of enterprises, R&D institutes, using non-destructive quality control methods.

2) Practical training course: "Operation of leak detectors, vacuum pumps and systems"

The program is intended for users of the vacuum equipment, technical services and the heads of relevant enterprises.

3) University course "Vacuum and plasma instruments and devices"

The course is a series of theoretical and practical trainings for the students of the first year master program "Electronics and Microelectronics".


1. Russian Federation government assignment №8.2456.2014/K, responsible contractor, 2014-2016

2. Grant of the President of the Russian Federation for the state support of leading scientific schools of Russian Federation 6886.2010.8, researcher, 2010-2011.

3. Grant of the President of the Russian Federation for the state support of leading scientific schools of Russian Federation 5822.2012.8, researcher, 2012-2013.

4. NS/EPA-55 "Development of theoretical bases of formation and transport streams plasma beam containing nanocluster particles", researcher, 2010-2012.

5. NSH/EPA-59 "Investigation of generation and transport streams of fast neutrals in low-pressure discharges," #1.7.11, researcher, 2011.

Contact Information

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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