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VACTRON Company is organization performing projects for the development of the pumping equipment and vacuum leak detection services. We provide the following issues of vacuum equipment and technologies:

a) Leak detection:Вактрон является официальным торговым и сервисным представителем японской компании Ulvac и шведской компании Nolek

Vactron is the certified distributor of Japanese company Ulvac and Swedish company Nolek.

b) Vacuum pumping equipment:

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Vactron supplies as authorized dealer and provide service for the following pumps:

Repair kits and spare parts for the pumps can be ordered in the company Vactron and installed by our service engineers.

We carry out research projects in the field of vacuum and plasma technology, conduct consultations on selection systems and devices to meet the challenges of your production. As a part of the learning process we prepare qualified engineers for the vacuum industry. For training specialists of enterprises and enhance their competencies we provide on-line trainings.

We are open for dialogue with new customers, suppliers and experts in the field of vacuum technology. At this site you will find a lot of information on the implementation of leak detection, working with the most famous instruments and equipment in the vacuum field.

You can ask questions and get advice from specialists on the topic in leak detection and vacuum equipment in general, contact us by phone or writing a letter. We are glad to see you on our site and offer you a long-term cooperation and collaboration. Feel free to contact us. The Vactron phone is +7 (812) 989-04-49, e-mail - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

+7 812 989-04-49
+7 812 740-66-02